At re.kin.ect Therapeutic Massage, our treatment protocol accounts for the many different aspects of your life. We look at the root cause of your pain, not just the symptoms. By treating the source, we aim to reduce or eliminate your pain, without the side effects of using pain-relieving drugs or anti-inflammatories. We also can help you to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. We encourage all of our clients to use massage as a preventative therapy. Preventing pain is much easier than trying to eliminate it after it has become an established pattern in the body.


During your first session, we will include a fifteen to twenty minute comprehensive intake that enables us to properly evaluate the current state of your body and pain level. This is the foundation that we use to base your future goals on. Once they are determined, we will recommend a course of treatment to help you achieve those goals. This plan may include, but is not limited to, self-massage techniques, exercise and stretching, dietary recommendations and other lifestyle changes. Experience the difference a skilled massage therapist can make – one who actually takes the time to listen and understand a patients’ complete lifestyle. Let us “rekinect” you to your health and well-being.



EM_ - 74Thomas Annese is the lead therapist and owner of re.kin.ect Therapeutic Massage. A licensed massage therapist for over 17 years, he started his career in 1997 when he attended the New York College for Wholistic Education and Research. Graduating in 1999 with an Associates Degree in Therapeutic Massage, Tom’s continuing education and ongoing experience — including over ten thousand individual massage sessions — has enabled him to develop his own distinctive massage technique. Thousands of people have been able to work through serious injuries and chronic pain thanks to his help and guidance. Many of these clients have continued to work with Tom to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle.

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