“I’ve been getting regular massages from Tom for 5+ years now, through training (and training injuries), pregnancy and now for mommy aches and pains. Tom has consistently provided the best massages. He’s talented, professional, friendly, sincere and just an all around cool person. I’ve moved across town and he’s moved to a new location but I continue to follow him to get my massages because it’s so worth it. I know I’ll always leave feeling better and many times with some good advice on how to further avoid strain/injury. Just walking into his office i feel a sense of relaxation and ease. Thanks for helping me stay healthy and active Tom!”

-Jennifer B. (Account Specialist)


“Tom is wonderful- hands down!
I spent a fair amount of time on Yelp searching for a reputable massage place. I sent out several emails to see which would give me the best response. Tom’s answer was by far the best- he took time to answer my questions and concerns I expressed in my email. This put me at ease that he was legitimate and could help me out.
I’m only 24 and found out a few years ago that I have scoliosis- which goes a long way to explain my almost chronic neck/shoulder/back pain. I’ve had massages in the past and been to chiropractors in the past but none of them really helped much (nor did they notice my scoliosis). I was concerned I might run into that again- but I definitely did not.
Tom sits you down before even starting the session to talk about your goals and how your body feels, etc. It is great to have a check-in so that he can tailor the massage even more to help you get the most relief. I’ve only had 2 massages with Tom so far, but I’ve noticed a difference and intend to have more! His massages are definitely worth every penny! Plus he is full of great advice about healthy habits and fun to talk too!”

-Lauren A.


“So glad I met Tom when I did. Finding out that I have 2 herniated disks in my neck that was giving me excruciating pain in my back, shoulder and arm, I didn’t know where to turn but to the ER and hospitalization. Finding Tom has kept me and is currently keeping me out of the Emergency room now. With his massage techniques he has relieved so much of my pain, not saying I am fixed, I will be going in for surgery but for now his therapy has given me freedoms that I haven’t had in months. I am almost 100% pain free now and I know its because of the care and expertise that Tom has taken to get me here. I now have a weekly schedule to keep me where I am at and will continue to see Tom after my surgery to make sure I maintain and never get back to where I was. Thanks Tom, I appreciate everything you’ve done. You’re a lifesaver!!”

-Sandie P. (Dental Technician)


“I have been getting deep tissue massages from Tom for nearly 10 years for migraines/neck and shoulder tension and knots. Tom always manages to massage out horrible migraines, and get me feeling good again. He is a professional, relaxing laid back, massage therapist who truly cares about making me feel better, my health and wellness and me as a client. Thanks Tom!!”

-Marcee L. (Entrepreneur/small business owner)


“When I first moved to San Diego in 2005 I was in dire need of help with my aching back, neck, forearms, and wrists. Perhaps by a stroke of luck, or the universe was listening to me that day, I ended up as a client of Tom Annese. O……M……G….! To say this man has magic in his arms would be an understatement. Not only was he able to bring tremendous relief to my problem areas, his technique and skill helped uncover the main source of my issues. Through shoulder and neck therapy, Tom has made it possible for me to continue working, relieved my pain, and helped improve my overall well-being tenfold.
While traveling, I’ve had appointments with other massage therapists, and none have ever even come close to the skill, knowledge, and level of professionalism Tom provides with each visit.  He carefully listens to me describe issues I’m having, provides good advice and guidance, and works tirelessly to help alleviate the pain and discomfort I bring to him.
Tom also makes it very easy to book appointments online, has great prices, and has a relaxing office that’s convenient for me to visit. The welcoming, quiet, and beautiful facility at Re.kin.ect is just an added bonus to the outstanding physical therapy that Tom provides.”

-Marie T. (Project Manager)


“I have been getting massages all of my professional life (I feel it is as important as eating the right food, getting enough sleep, and exercising).  It wasn’t until I started receiving massages from Tom Annese that I finally felt like I was literally, and figuratively “in the right hands.”  Tom takes the time to ask and, more importantly, listen to your concerns each time you walk through the door. With that knowledge, he customizes each session to relax and promote healing.  You will walk out floating on a cloud and looking forward to the next time!”

-Pat B. (Weather Anchor for local news)


“Tom was referred to me by my physical therapist several years ago and he has been doing therapeutic bodywork on me ever since. Tom’s approach to bodywork is holistic – his work complements the programs that your physical therapist and/or acupuncturist are doing with you. Tom’s has worked with me on immediate muscular issues post-car accident and following other trauma, each time squeezing me into his schedule as soon as possible to help me get relief. With respect to longer term “chronic” pain management issues, Tom’s objective is to get each client on a maintenance plan coming to see him on a periodic basis so that you avoid the chronic pain issues in-between each session with him.  The results that we have gotten are tremendous. For the past year and a half I was having difficulty with migraine headaches from upper body imbalances. Tom has provided incredible relief. Initially I saw him once a week and would get about midway through the week before the headaches came back. Now I come in once very three weeks and I am able to “stay loose” in-between our sessions. Tom is personable, reliable and detail oriented. He provides feedback during the session letting you know what your “homework” is before the next visit. I can now name the offending muscles in my neck and upper back that cause my migraines and I know which ones to self-massage when symptoms begin. I highly recommend Tom’s work. His in-depth knowledge of kinesiology, therapeutic touch, and incredible ability to remember each client’s activities and body imbalances are what sets his massage therapy apart.”

-Gillian R. (Director, Investor Relations)


“Tom, is very knowledgeable, skilled, and genuinely dedicated to his craft and his patient’s wellness. I’ve seen a significant difference in my quality of life after regularly visiting Tom (1 x month). I have fewer to no headaches, neck aches, and shoulder pain. I sleep better. Recently, I had foot surgery and Tom is helping with my rehabilitation. He always goes the extra mile.”

-Dejah U. (Toastmasters International)


“I got in a car accident and was referred by my doc to have massage done for my whip lash for my therapy.  I’ve had 4 massages so far and I’m feeling way more flexible.  In the past I’ve used chiropractic therapy but my doctor said that massage therapy works much better for whip lash injury….she was absolutely right. Tom is very professional and the office is relaxing and immaculate.”

-Nanci G. (Owner, Baked bakery in Mission Beach)


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