Deep Tissue Massage

Woman getting a deep tissue massage

Deep Tissue Massage:

The purpose of deep tissue massage is to relieve severe tension in both the muscles and the fascia (connective tissue). Focusing on the tissue located under the superficial muscles, deep tissue massage is most often recommended for people who experience chronic pain, who are involved in a heavy amount of physical activity such as athletes or those who have experienced a physical injury or trauma.

Deep tissue massage is intense, deliberate and focused work. Sometimes after a deep tissue massage you may find that the areas that where focused on may be tender or sore. This is normal and part of the healing process and can last one to two days after the massage. Often the term “deep tissue massage” is misunderstood to mean massage that is performed with sustained deep pressure. In actuality, deep tissue massage uses a dedicated set of strokes and techniques to achieve a desired measure of relief to treat specific musculoskeletal disorders and imbalances. Also, deep tissue massage should not be confused with deep pressure massage, which is performed with sustained strong and sometimes intense pressure for an entire full-body session, and is not performed to address a specific complaint.


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